Wedding Favors They’ll ACTUALLY Favor


We have all been to that wedding. The one with the less than desirable favors.  As a wedding guest, you have put in a lot of effort to be present for that special day. You sent your RSVP in a timely manner, requested off of work, used your vacation days, made travel arrangements, booked a hotel (hopefully at the Hilton through the couples discounted wedding block room rates) and in some cases bought plane tickets! You have jumped through every hoop possible to simply be in a certain place, at a certain time, so that you don’t become that certain friend who wasn’t at the wedding. You my friend, deserve one heck of a wedding favor!  As a Wedding Coordinator I feel the need to put a few amazingly fun favor ideas out into the universe. If the next wedding you attend has one of these items, you’re welcome. If for some reason it’s less than favorable, well you should have shared this blog post with the bride ahead of time!

Let’s start with…


These are the type of favors that you can’t help but admire how much thought went into them. They may not be a drinking accessory and they may not be expensive but it’s the thought that counts.

Donations made in their name.

Inspiration from:


I’m sorry, but no one will argue that this is an adorable idea! The bride and groom pick a charity close to their hearts and make you a part of it too! Because they made a donation in your name… you have now made the world a better place, simply by showing up to the wedding (not sure if good karma transfers that way though). Get your own custom designed donation card made here



Let love grow wild.

Inspiration from: FairylandBazaar on

Inspiration from: FairylandBazaar on

This favor is one you have to plant, water, and wait for. By planting these wildflower seeds you will be reminded of this day long after it’s over. Who doesn’t love a little extra color in their yard? Buy these custom seed packets here



Pretty enough to eat.

Inspiration by:

Every wedding needs a personal touch. So even though a candy bar is somewhat typical, these are wrapped up in the bride’s favorite life moments and images. These are probably just your normal Hershey bar, but wrap them up in pretty paper and they suddenly look expensive and gourmet. I’m sure you could buy these somewhere, but come on! Don’t be lazy! This is totally DIYable!




Next up…

The Surprising Useful

Useful favors that are guaranteed to go home with the guests. There is nothing worse than a few lonely favors left on the tables because they were anything but favorable. It’s just so sad!

Travel to your table and then back home.

Inspired by

For the jet-setting bride and groom, these luggage tags are sure to add a personal touch and impress guests. Not only are they favors, but they can double as escort cards! This favor kills 2 birds with 1 stone. Impressive favors… check! Adorable escort cards… check! I would probably find a way to display them with old vintage luggage, but that’s just me.

The chapstick struggle.

Inspired by Long Winter Soap Company

Inspired by Long Winter Soap Company

This next favor is something you can never find when you need it. Chapstick! But not just any drugstore cherry flavored chapstick. Really really GOOD chapstick. Long Winter Soap Company has so many yummy flavors like mojito, or orange cream. They also mix in a little humor with their yeti breath, and unicorn fart flavors. No matter how elegant the wedding, you can always find room for a little hidden humor. Shop their delicious and humorous selection by clicking here



Because when it rains, it pours.

Inspired by Etsy Seller INeedPromotionals

Inspired by Etsy Seller INeedPromotionals

I know, I know! How dare I even say such a thing about your wedding day! But if rain happens you need to just embrace it. Play it off as if you and mother nature had it planned the whole time. Have custom umbrellas ready to go at the first sight of a rain cloud. These clear and simple umbrellas would be useful for guests to take home even if it is a day of sunshine on the big day. Start umbrella designing here.

open umbrella





Let’s finish with…

Something Tasty

Food as a favor seems a little redundant since you just bought dinner for 100 and something people. However, when you do it right, late night treats are an excellent favor option.

“C” is for cookie.

cookie buffetSo let’s say that your reception starts around 7pm… Dinner is served around 7:30ish. you then have dancing and excitement from 9pm – 12am. Your guests are going 3hrs without food! It can’t hurt to make one of your favors double as a late night snack. Find some fun glass cookie jars, your favorite local bakery, put some colorful paper goody bags on the table and that’s it! Instant cookie buffet!

 Oh yeah now we’re talking.


Apple Vodka Recipe available on

Your wedding will go down as party of the year with these favors. Infused vodka in cute mason jars. The best part of this idea is the taste testing and experimenting. The only thing I suggest, is handing these bad boys out as guests LEAVE the reception. Things could get really sloppy really fast if the groomsmen get into these any earlier (no offense boys).

Doooughnutttss (Homer Simpson Voice)

Photo courtesy of The Hilton Wilmington Riverside

Photo courtesy of The Hilton Wilmington Riverside

North Carolina is kind of famous for bringing the world these little, soft, perfectly fluffy, glazed bits of heaven. They are called Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and there isn’t a person on this planet who can resist one. All of your out-of-town guests will appreciate you giving them a taste of NC. One of our amazing Hilton Brides brought this idea to us and we setup a complete shrine to doughnuts for her. I cannot even begin to describe the joy on people’s faces as they left the reception and walked to their hotel room with fresh heart-shaped doughnuts in hand. Set this up for your wedding by simply pre-ordering at your nearest Krispy Kreme.


There you have it everyone! There are no more excuses for boring wedding favors! I’ve given you a decent amount to work with here. I will say that so far all of our Hilton Brides have done a pretty good job favoring their guests.



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